The Top Three Reasons All Inclusive Ads “Works”

My personal success stories and triumphs will be mainly written for my down line to view, but my up line and other on-line entrepreneurs are certainly welcome to share my secrets as well. When I first contemplated recording my thoughts and experiences with lead generation, I was quite aware of my limited journalistic ability. I was also aware that my ramblings would be very individualistic and perhaps uninteresting for even my own personal signups. However, as I looked through my sales stats from the various advertising resources that make up my favorite signup source, All Inclusive Ads, many thoughts crowded my mind which made it very difficult to know exactly what to share and what to withhold, if anything.

So many times I’ve heard people say, “if only I had asked my upline about so many things”, but because of the busyness of life, questions weren’t asked nor answered. Thanks go to my downline for there own encouragement, as they always seem interested in seeing their direct upline (me) succeed. Much of the information that I’ve read from other successful marketers “how to manuals’ has been very valuable. If time would permit, I would like to share the top “3” reasons All Inclusive Ads is so effective and what separates it from every other ad source out there…

1) All Inclusive Ads reputation is very good:

I was first introduced to AIA’s advertising service from my direct upline, a successful internet marketer that everyone knows but will remain nameless. His initial’s are MF:) He shared that he had been using this hot new ad site since it made the transition from private to public about six months ago and through his $30/month fee, had already netted close to $1000.00 in personal revenue. His personal endorsement however was not enough to make the extraordinary leap to locking in my own spot. I needed to google this program first and see for my own eyes what cyberspace had to say about it. I typed in All Inclusive Ads and to my amazement, every single review I read was a positive gushing on how this seemingly unassuming ad service was responsible for turning many an online business into a signup generating cash cow. Good reputation, check!

2) Ease of use was very appealing:

I am a notorious workaholic who rarely takes the time to smell the roses as I trudge along through my daily pursuit of residual income. If something comes to my attention that will deliver results that lead to more money, I am all over it. Especially if it requires little or no time commitment. All Inclusive Ads own professional media buyers take care of all the heavy lifting so to speak. They put in the long hours and hard work so I don’t have to. After I joined, my sites were put into a traffic rotator where all I had to do was sit back and watch all the traffic begin hitting my links. I call AIA my sweet siesta signup source.

3) Results delivered in spades:

When it comes down to it, does it really matter if a marketing and promotional service has the flashiest graphics or hippest catch phrase? definitely not! Results rule supreme and these guys delivered big time! When I tally up all the advertising services I’ve used over the past six months, not a single one holds a candle to All Inclusive Ads and what they gave me. According to my own personal hit/signup ratio, All Inclusive Ads delivered more traffic and more singups than 4 top safelists, Traffic Swarm traffic exchange, and even this fancy pants traffic generating software that cost $899.00!

So there you have it. A brief glimpse into my favorite ad source for the moment. Yes All Inclusive Ads is really that good. Will it stay at the top of the list of my most recommended sites? Only time will tell. But as of today I am not renewing my Gold ListJoe membership, I am downgrading my Traffic Swarm pro account to “free” and I am definitely giving the traffic software a break. Why am I doing this you may ask? Simple really. All inclusive Ads is delivering better than all of them and I’m not one to waste my time with tire kicking sites that don’t deliver.

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4 Responses to The Top Three Reasons All Inclusive Ads “Works”

  1. Carla from Empower Network says:

    Wow! Thanks for this write-up. I joined All Inclusive Ads 2 weeks ago and have got 1 paid sale in my EN business so far from them (looking forward to many more)… I use to be a member of List Joe as well until their server crashed and lost everyone’s information.

  2. Macy says:

    Thank you for making this video! This shows me that AIA is the real deal and I am going to have to give them a go.

  3. Sarah Anders says:

    I think there are quite a few reasons this ad service works so well (more than just 3 lol) They promote their members websites many different ways…yahoo/bing ppc, article submission, banner ads, you tube videos and even newspaper ads just to name a few few.

    How do I know all this you ask? because I am a member of AIA myself and have been for 7 successful months.

    Hey if they didn’t work for me I would say so and quit using them, but so far so good!

    Sarah Anders

  4. David Verbeek says:

    Been going with this ad source for 5 and a half weeks and the results have been mainly positive..A few paid signups so far but requires you to keep a close eye on the links you are promoting and rotate them every few weeks.

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