Bam Paid And All Inclusive Ads Are A Perfect Fit

There are literally thousands of different money making programs available online, all vying for the attention of the home based entrepreneur. It doesn’t seem to matter which one you choose, since the problem seems to be getting enough people to join your downline so that you can start making money. It’s the inability to do so that makes most in the MLM or HYIP business fail. I have spoken at length in the past about how much success I have had while using All Inclusive Ads to market my programs. I now have a number of different programs making me money thanks to AIA, but I have now found one that is an absolute perfect fit with the AIA program.

I am talking about Bam Paid, which is essentially an advertising program where you can buy individual ad units. Depending on the package you choose, your invested money is compounded by either 4% or 6% daily for a period of 120 days. At the end of that period you are able to withdraw a percentage of your total while the rest is left to ride so to speak. The whole concept seemed pretty interesting to me as I saw the opportunity to combine it with AIA to the benefit of both programs.

As is the case with any program I join, I looked for a bam paid review first before deciding to part with my money. The vast majority was positive, so I decided to drop the $29 for an ad position and then added my affiliate link into my AIA program. Since allows me to advertise one of my programs, I thought it would be a great idea to push my AIA affiliate link through that avenue. The AIA affiliate program has already been very good to me, and I know that once people sign up there, they tend to stay for good.

Things got off to something of a slow start, with no sign-ups coming from either side for the first few days. I was beginning to question the Bam Paid program, but that all changed as I entered my second week. AIA was by this point delivering 1 or 2 paid signups to bam paid every day, but it took 9 days before I received my first AIA affiliate sign-up from my advertising unit at Bam Paid. The first one seemed to open the flood gates, and I have been getting a paid affiliate sign-up at AIA roughly every second day. I am now considering moving up to the Huge Money Bam Paid Package so that I can enjoy a bigger return on my investment after 120 days.

I am very confident that I can continue to boost my earnings Bam Paid thanks to the quality traffic being delivered by AIA. On the flipside, I am delighted by the advertising packages offered at Bam Paid, as that seems to be helping my bottom line at AIA. All in all, a perfect partnership it would appear.

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