How All Inclusive Ads Empowered My Internet Marketing

I have been using the internet to market various products and services for quite a few years, and while I have seen my fair share of successes and failures, I had never stumbled upon that one great program that I thought would make me some real money. That all changed when I read about the Empower Network and the possibilities that come with being a member. I loved the idea of blogging being at the heart of this program, as that is something I have done since day one. My decision to sign up with EN came pretty quickly, and I became even more excited once I got into the members area and saw how much I could do there.

I won’t bore you all with the details of what Empower Network provides, as it has been around long enough now that most people who spend any amount of time on the internet know all about it. The path that I decided to follow was to go with the quantity over quality approach, which meant trying to devote most of my time going after referrals that would deliver me a $25 commission. As much as the thought of the $500 Costa Rica Intensive commission appealed to me, I just didn’t think it would be wise to devote too much time to that particular part of the program.

I was having a little success going after referrals using the traditional marketing methods, but I still felt I was missing out on a bunch. I have a full-time job that makes it hard to devote as much time to marketing as I would like. I knew that to really benefit from what the Empower Network had to offer, I needed some sort of help that could chase down referrals when I was too busy to do it on my own. That help came in the form of the amazing All Inclusive Ads software, which promoted my EN links while I was away from the computer.

I added my direct referral links to the system, which included a link specifically for the Costa Rica Intensive, and then sat back and let the program go to work. Let me quickly explain that part of the program before I continue. Empower Network held a secret meeting in Costa Rica that 13 people paid $5,000 to be a part of. The brainstorming session included some invaluable information that was opened up to EN members via a $500 buy-in, with all commissions of those sales going to the person who delivered the buyer.

The AIA software worked exactly as advertised, delivering numerous $25 commissions, with all of the new members in my downline sticking with the program ever since. The big surprise was that it delivered a buyer for the Costa Rica Intensive, placing $500 in my pocket that I never ever expected to see. This was proof, to me at least, of just how powerful that All Inclusive Ads program is. I am now looking for other bigger ticker commission opportunities now that I know AIA delivers on all kinds of different levels.

All the best,

Terry Stevenson

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