How I Made All Inclusive Ads Deliver Even More

As you can probably tell from the previous articles posted on this site, I am someone that very much believes in what All Inclusive Ads delivers. If you are looking for an advertising system that sends a ton of targeted traffic to your sites, AIA is the way to go. You are almost guaranteed to make sales and build a massive contact list by doing nothing more than putting your URL’s in the slots made available by All Inclusive Ads. That said, you can make even more if you take some time to actually pay attention to the numbers.

You should really take the time to track the number of visitors coming into your sites and how that translates into sales, leads, or whatever it is you are trying to get out of the AIA system. If you find that one or two of the sites are under performing in regards sales, you have to start thinking about why that is happening. The great results you get from using All Inclusive Ads can make it easy to let a poorly performing site slip through the cracks. You will be getting targeted visitors to each page, which means that if they are not buying, there is something they are seeing that they don’t quite like.

For example, let’s imagine that three of your slots are filled with landing pages for the same program. You find that two are delivering great results while the other one is slacking. It’s obvious at this point that it’s not the system that’s at fault, but rather something on that landing page. This is exactly a situation I was faced with and I knew that it had to be changed. Sure, I was making money with that program thanks to the other pages, but I also knew I was letting sales slip away because of that third page. It took a couple of tweaks, but I finally got it to the point where it started to deliver the same numbers as the other two pages.

Another thing to watch for is a program that may have run its course and is starting to slack. If you are starting to see diminishing returns on a program that was previously doing great, you might want to think about changing it out to another affiliate program or website that you are promoting. When a particular program becomes successful, the market can begin to get flooded with too many affiliates fighting for leads. Learn to recognize when that happens and add a new program to your All Inclusive Ads software.

The great news is that because All Inclusive Ads is so effective, you will have time to keep an eye on the numbers and make the necessary changes. You will still be gaining leads and making sales from all your other programs, so you don’t have to worry about missing out while you tweak the pages that need to be changed.

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