How I Made All Inclusive Ads Deliver Even More

As you can probably tell from the previous articles posted on this site, I am someone that very much believes in what All Inclusive Ads delivers. If you are looking for an advertising system that sends a ton of targeted traffic to your sites, AIA is the way to go. You are almost guaranteed to make sales and build a massive contact list by doing nothing more than putting your URL’s in the slots made available by All Inclusive Ads. That said, you can make even more if you take some time to actually pay attention to the numbers.

You should really take the time to track the number of visitors coming into your sites and how that translates into sales, leads, or whatever it is you are trying to get out of the AIA system. If you find that one or two of the sites are under performing in regards sales, you have to start thinking about why that is happening. The great results you get from using All Inclusive Ads can make it easy to let a poorly performing site slip through the cracks. You will be getting targeted visitors to each page, which means that if they are not buying, there is something they are seeing that they don’t quite like.

For example, let’s imagine that three of your slots are filled with landing pages for the same program. You find that two are delivering great results while the other one is slacking. It’s obvious at this point that it’s not the system that’s at fault, but rather something on that landing page. This is exactly a situation I was faced with and I knew that it had to be changed. Sure, I was making money with that program thanks to the other pages, but I also knew I was letting sales slip away because of that third page. It took a couple of tweaks, but I finally got it to the point where it started to deliver the same numbers as the other two pages.

Another thing to watch for is a program that may have run its course and is starting to slack. If you are starting to see diminishing returns on a program that was previously doing great, you might want to think about changing it out to another affiliate program or website that you are promoting. When a particular program becomes successful, the market can begin to get flooded with too many affiliates fighting for leads. Learn to recognize when that happens and add a new program to your All Inclusive Ads software.

The great news is that because All Inclusive Ads is so effective, you will have time to keep an eye on the numbers and make the necessary changes. You will still be gaining leads and making sales from all your other programs, so you don’t have to worry about missing out while you tweak the pages that need to be changed.

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How All Inclusive Ads Empowered My Internet Marketing

I have been using the internet to market various products and services for quite a few years, and while I have seen my fair share of successes and failures, I had never stumbled upon that one great program that I thought would make me some real money. That all changed when I read about the Empower Network and the possibilities that come with being a member. I loved the idea of blogging being at the heart of this program, as that is something I have done since day one. My decision to sign up with EN came pretty quickly, and I became even more excited once I got into the members area and saw how much I could do there.

I won’t bore you all with the details of what Empower Network provides, as it has been around long enough now that most people who spend any amount of time on the internet know all about it. The path that I decided to follow was to go with the quantity over quality approach, which meant trying to devote most of my time going after referrals that would deliver me a $25 commission. As much as the thought of the $500 Costa Rica Intensive commission appealed to me, I just didn’t think it would be wise to devote too much time to that particular part of the program.

I was having a little success going after referrals using the traditional marketing methods, but I still felt I was missing out on a bunch. I have a full-time job that makes it hard to devote as much time to marketing as I would like. I knew that to really benefit from what the Empower Network had to offer, I needed some sort of help that could chase down referrals when I was too busy to do it on my own. That help came in the form of the amazing All Inclusive Ads software, which promoted my EN links while I was away from the computer.

I added my direct referral links to the system, which included a link specifically for the Costa Rica Intensive, and then sat back and let the program go to work. Let me quickly explain that part of the program before I continue. Empower Network held a secret meeting in Costa Rica that 13 people paid $5,000 to be a part of. The brainstorming session included some invaluable information that was opened up to EN members via a $500 buy-in, with all commissions of those sales going to the person who delivered the buyer.

The AIA software worked exactly as advertised, delivering numerous $25 commissions, with all of the new members in my downline sticking with the program ever since. The big surprise was that it delivered a buyer for the Costa Rica Intensive, placing $500 in my pocket that I never ever expected to see. This was proof, to me at least, of just how powerful that All Inclusive Ads program is. I am now looking for other bigger ticker commission opportunities now that I know AIA delivers on all kinds of different levels.

All the best,

Terry Stevenson

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Bam Paid And All Inclusive Ads Are A Perfect Fit

There are literally thousands of different money making programs available online, all vying for the attention of the home based entrepreneur. It doesn’t seem to matter which one you choose, since the problem seems to be getting enough people to join your downline so that you can start making money. It’s the inability to do so that makes most in the MLM or HYIP business fail. I have spoken at length in the past about how much success I have had while using All Inclusive Ads to market my programs. I now have a number of different programs making me money thanks to AIA, but I have now found one that is an absolute perfect fit with the AIA program.

I am talking about Bam Paid, which is essentially an advertising program where you can buy individual ad units. Depending on the package you choose, your invested money is compounded by either 4% or 6% daily for a period of 120 days. At the end of that period you are able to withdraw a percentage of your total while the rest is left to ride so to speak. The whole concept seemed pretty interesting to me as I saw the opportunity to combine it with AIA to the benefit of both programs.

As is the case with any program I join, I looked for a bam paid review first before deciding to part with my money. The vast majority was positive, so I decided to drop the $29 for an ad position and then added my affiliate link into my AIA program. Since allows me to advertise one of my programs, I thought it would be a great idea to push my AIA affiliate link through that avenue. The AIA affiliate program has already been very good to me, and I know that once people sign up there, they tend to stay for good.

Things got off to something of a slow start, with no sign-ups coming from either side for the first few days. I was beginning to question the Bam Paid program, but that all changed as I entered my second week. AIA was by this point delivering 1 or 2 paid signups to bam paid every day, but it took 9 days before I received my first AIA affiliate sign-up from my advertising unit at Bam Paid. The first one seemed to open the flood gates, and I have been getting a paid affiliate sign-up at AIA roughly every second day. I am now considering moving up to the Huge Money Bam Paid Package so that I can enjoy a bigger return on my investment after 120 days.

I am very confident that I can continue to boost my earnings Bam Paid thanks to the quality traffic being delivered by AIA. On the flipside, I am delighted by the advertising packages offered at Bam Paid, as that seems to be helping my bottom line at AIA. All in all, a perfect partnership it would appear.

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The Top Three Reasons All Inclusive Ads “Works”

My personal success stories and triumphs will be mainly written for my down line to view, but my up line and other on-line entrepreneurs are certainly welcome to share my secrets as well. When I first contemplated recording my thoughts and experiences with lead generation, I was quite aware of my limited journalistic ability. I was also aware that my ramblings would be very individualistic and perhaps uninteresting for even my own personal signups. However, as I looked through my sales stats from the various advertising resources that make up my favorite signup source, All Inclusive Ads, many thoughts crowded my mind which made it very difficult to know exactly what to share and what to withhold, if anything.

So many times I’ve heard people say, “if only I had asked my upline about so many things”, but because of the busyness of life, questions weren’t asked nor answered. Thanks go to my downline for there own encouragement, as they always seem interested in seeing their direct upline (me) succeed. Much of the information that I’ve read from other successful marketers “how to manuals’ has been very valuable. If time would permit, I would like to share the top “3” reasons All Inclusive Ads is so effective and what separates it from every other ad source out there…

1) All Inclusive Ads reputation is very good:

I was first introduced to AIA’s advertising service from my direct upline, a successful internet marketer that everyone knows but will remain nameless. His initial’s are MF:) He shared that he had been using this hot new ad site since it made the transition from private to public about six months ago and through his $30/month fee, had already netted close to $1000.00 in personal revenue. His personal endorsement however was not enough to make the extraordinary leap to locking in my own spot. I needed to google this program first and see for my own eyes what cyberspace had to say about it. I typed in All Inclusive Ads and to my amazement, every single review I read was a positive gushing on how this seemingly unassuming ad service was responsible for turning many an online business into a signup generating cash cow. Good reputation, check!

2) Ease of use was very appealing:

I am a notorious workaholic who rarely takes the time to smell the roses as I trudge along through my daily pursuit of residual income. If something comes to my attention that will deliver results that lead to more money, I am all over it. Especially if it requires little or no time commitment. All Inclusive Ads own professional media buyers take care of all the heavy lifting so to speak. They put in the long hours and hard work so I don’t have to. After I joined, my sites were put into a traffic rotator where all I had to do was sit back and watch all the traffic begin hitting my links. I call AIA my sweet siesta signup source.

3) Results delivered in spades:

When it comes down to it, does it really matter if a marketing and promotional service has the flashiest graphics or hippest catch phrase? definitely not! Results rule supreme and these guys delivered big time! When I tally up all the advertising services I’ve used over the past six months, not a single one holds a candle to All Inclusive Ads and what they gave me. According to my own personal hit/signup ratio, All Inclusive Ads delivered more traffic and more singups than 4 top safelists, Traffic Swarm traffic exchange, and even this fancy pants traffic generating software that cost $899.00!

So there you have it. A brief glimpse into my favorite ad source for the moment. Yes All Inclusive Ads is really that good. Will it stay at the top of the list of my most recommended sites? Only time will tell. But as of today I am not renewing my Gold ListJoe membership, I am downgrading my Traffic Swarm pro account to “free” and I am definitely giving the traffic software a break. Why am I doing this you may ask? Simple really. All inclusive Ads is delivering better than all of them and I’m not one to waste my time with tire kicking sites that don’t deliver.

For more information regarding online traffic generation go to

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